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Custom Entry Gates & Fences

Wood Fence
Custom Gates
Wood Fence Stone Columns-300x150
Decorative Metal Pool Fence-300x209
Custom Gates
Custom Gates

WayCo Services offers Fence Building services.

WayCo Services can help you design your own personalized entry gate. Make a statement or show your brand. No ranch is ever finished until the gate goes up. 

Committed to providing superior service and we are known for our dedication to quality, schedule and cost control. Our team of professionals pride themselves on providing quality workmanship and outstanding service that far exceeds customer expectations at fair and competitive prices. Our friendly team is ready to handle the important details of your project.

WayCo Services can provide: Fence Removal, Fence Installation, Custom Fence Design & installation, Fence Painting, Fence Pressure Washing, Fence Staining, Custom Gate Design & installation.

Fence Materials: Treated wood, Composite wood (Trex,), Redwood, Cedar, Vinyl, Painted Metal, Galvanized metal, Aluminum, PVC, & wire.

Types of Fences: Wood fence, Privacy fence, Picket Fence, Split Rail Fence, Farm Fence, Pool Fence, Wrought Iron Fence, Chain Link Fence, Barbed Wire Fence, Electric Fence, Garden Fence, Board Fence, Board and Mesh Wire & Custom Design Fences.

Finding a good Fence Builder can be harder than deciding where to build it.


Many homeowners who take on Fence Building  projects end up frustrated, by the time you add up trying to design it yourself, what material to use, getting material to site, digging holes, and getting it straight, your do it yourself project is not so appealing. Fence Building projects can be more physical and less desirable than they initially seem.

Getting a high quality professional looking project requires more than simply digging holes and installing fence panels, it requires the close attention to detail of a skilled professional.

We have professional welders & wood craftsmen with years of knowledge of fence design and installation.

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