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Glass Rooms

Glass Room
Glass Room

WayCo Services Offers Glass Enclosures

Wouldn't you like to be able to enjoy a "vacation" in your backyard every day of the week?

WayCo Services Construction Team is ready to help get started with your own design.


Glass Patio Enclosures allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outside from the inside. Imagine the hours of enjoyment you and your family will receive with your newly designed backyard home away from home.

Imagine having your first cup of coffee or enjoying your breakfast in your very own enclosed outdoor space without worrying about the weather or insects.

You will be able to do all this with your state-of-the-art glass patio enclosure.

Your new Glass Enclosure will add beauty and value to your home and property, which makes it an investment well worth its weight in gold. Our Glass Enclosures are manufactured with the finest high quality materials and workmanship. Glass Patio Enclosures allow you to enjoy the changing of the seasons without experiencing the extreme heat or cold changes.


Every homeowner has different needs and desires, therefore our glass patio enclosures are specifically designed to enhance your home and property. There is a wide array of options available to you.

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